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Ropes Mar-03
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Ropes Course Beaumont March-2003

Was a REALLY wierd weather day, we had fits of snow pellets - looked like fertilizer pellets, all day long, interspersed with brilliant sunshine.  We ended up just doing this as a day event only (meaning we chickened out from camping the night before!).  Wasn't as cold as we feared it might be.

bekah_jacobs_ladder.jpg (75790 bytes)
Bekah going up the Jacobs ladder
corey_cross.jpg (74075 bytes)
Corey crossing over the dreaded "hourglass"

bekah_monkeybridge.jpg (62057 bytes)
Bekah crossing the Monkey Bridge

Bry_Briana.jpg (69537 bytes)
Bryan getting Brianna ready to go up the caving ladder
commando_crawl.jpg (60314 bytes)
Check out the concentration as Bekah comes across the "Commando Crawl Rope"
jo_briana.jpg (78339 bytes)
Superimposed picture of Joe & Brianna flying via Zip Line