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Ropes S-F 2002
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Ropes Course outing @ S-F Scout Ranch during the weekend of April 27, 2002.  A fierce storm rolled through Sat night (tornado touch down about 30 miles south of S-F); absolutely perfect day for Sunday.  Some of these pix are from the Barker's camera, and some from the Vinnedge's, and some from Debbie.

breakfast.jpg (160716 bytes)breakfast2.jpg (113093 bytes)
A quick breakfast before heading out

jess_greg_emily.jpg (107358 bytes)

bry_chris_corey.jpg (86239 bytes)
I'm not sure what the plan was here... At best it seems poorly conceived
group_ropes.jpg (195536 bytes)
Group photo @ the high course
treeswing.jpg (102925 bytes)
Monkees on the swings
chris.jpg (217450 bytes)
Chris negotiating the Slack wire event

trustfall.jpg (170708 bytes)
Mrs. Vinnedge - Trust Fall 

jess_monkey_bridge.jpg (195355 bytes)
Jessie on the Moneky Bridge
debbie_emily.jpg (173686 bytes)
Debbie getting ready to go up, Emily's her ground buddy
greg_pole.jpg (205465 bytes)
Greg hooking in on the utility pole
bekka_rappell.jpg (173197 bytes)
Bekka rappelling off the perch
emily_postman_walk.jpg (166946 bytes)
Emily on the Postman's Walk
bekka.jpg (105086 bytes)
Bekka has grown fond of trees
corey_bekka.jpg (189956 bytes)
How picturesque!
corey.jpg (209491 bytes)
Corey isn't supposed to be touching that wire!
emily.jpg (131283 bytes)
Emily looking strong
greg.jpg (88893 bytes)
Greg has to reach for it
julie.jpg (97488 bytes)
Go Julie, GO
debbie.jpg (115042 bytes)
Debbie showing her 1000 watt smile