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Little Scott Cave
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Little Scott Cave

Caving/Cabin outing to Little Scott Cave in the Meramec Valley - February 24, 2001.  Jim Donley, and Jerry were kind enough to take us novices into, and through Little Scott.  Accompanying us was Jerry's two daughters, and Jim's grandson Courtney.  The first photo of the group was taken by Professor Dave Ashley as we were leaving, and he was taking his students in.

group.jpg (179034 bytes)

David, Emily, Jerry, Mr. Walker, Dave, Kyle, Mr. Donley, Courtney, Emily, Bryan, Katy, Cory, Mr. Barker, Mr. Johnson, and Jerry's 2 daughters

entrance.jpg (117558 bytes)
Entrance to Little Scott Cave
descent.jpg (98508 bytes)
Going Down...
columns.jpg (94133 bytes)
Impressive columns, with fogged camera lense
takingbreak.jpg (139445 bytes)
Taking a break - Cory, Katy, Emily
dave_emily.jpg (115324 bytes)
Tight fit for Emily & Dave
corey_katy.jpg (134947 bytes)
Cory & Katy got muddy
muddygroup.jpg (152880 bytes)
The whole group got muddy!
women.jpg (71626 bytes)
Jessie, Sheena & Linda
cardgame.jpg (117760 bytes)
Card game afterwards @ cabin