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We are a small group in the St. Charles/St. Peters area who have formed a Venture Crew.  Venturing is a Co-Ed experience, and this group plans to specialize in camping, and high adventure outings.  We are a part of the Boy Scouts of America BSA.  Our District: Boone Trails, is part of the Greater St. Louis Area Council.


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We have custom Crew Tee-Shirts available $5; ask Mr. Barker

Important upcoming dates:

Friday 3/26 Climbing @ Upper Limits - Meet at Church 6:00 PM  sandwich afterwards?

Fri-Sun 4/16-4/18 Campout At Beaumont (Pioneering Kit on Sunday)

April 31-May 2 Campout & Climbing @ Pine Ridge Southern IL

Clean Stream project was awesome, 4 of us: David, Drew, Philip & Mr. Barker cleaned up about 3/4 mile or Dardene creek near Old town St. Peters. We COMPLETELY filled a canoe almost to sinking with junk - old tires, a plow, a cash register to name a few things. 

Interested in learning more about our Venture crew?  Contact Bekah Gresham, crew President at (636)447-6662, or via e-mail

Check back with us frequently, we're growing!

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