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Caving Preparation
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There is an Advancement Program in Venturing, that is similar to Boy Scout Merit Badges, as well as the Girl Scout Silver & Gold Awards.

Caving Book Resource List <Click Here>

Rather than simply restate the objectives, and list some of the opportunities, I want to direct you to an external [] web site that does a fabulous job explaining the program, as well as providing complete detail on each of the requirements.  

Here is an Excel file (Updated 4/9/2003) with Some of the Venturing Awards venues spelled-out, you could use the individual sheets as a kind of a check-off list if you haven't bought the Venturing book.

Under the Outdoor Bronze Award you'll find information about the Cave Exploring, and Project COPE, Backpacking, etc.

[So Click Here, and a 2nd Browser window will open to the Venture Awards site.]

We could as a group pursue these goals, or individuals can go for it!  My opinion (as an adult advisor) is that we're already doing several of these things (caving, Hi & Low Ropes courses, Camping, etc); why not get credit for them?  

Possibly having a Venturing Silver or Gold Award on your Resume can only help your chances when it comes time for College Applications.


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