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What's New?
Caving Preparation
Spinach Fruit Salad

Link to our new VCrew2674 Group area in Yahoo! Groups

Link to XAB (eXtreme Adventure Base) site in Alabama

Link to Camp Mihaska

City of St. Peters Permission Form - Required for those under 18 to help with the "Adopt-A-Road" service project, must be signed by parent.

Link to Post 10's 1998 trip to Little Scott Cave

1999 Junior Academy's trip to Little Scott Cave

1999 Junior Academy's trip to Lone Hill Onx Cave

Link to excellent "Basic Caving Equipment" external web site
also some good caving pictures
Link to Mail-Order/On-Line Caving Equipment Sales (Inner Mountain Outfitters (IMO)
Link to European Cave picture gallery (fabulous)
Link to Tennessee web site with many cave & waterfall pics
Another SouthEast US Cave pictures On-line

Cave Preparation List

Short Caving Check List

Cave Map of Lone Hill Onyx

Cave Map of Little Scott Cave

Link to Meramec State Park web site

BSA Troop 674 Home page

US Scouting Service Project -> Venturing

Excellent Missouri Hiking Trails web site (Danny's)

Greater St. Louis Area Council

US Scouting Service Project  

Map to Pine Ridge Scout Camp

map of Pine Ridge Scout Camp

Link to Chef Julie's Web Pages

Julie's Stl Post Dispatch article

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