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What's New?


What's New?
Caving Preparation
Spinach Fruit Salad

This is a new stuff on top format, older stuff gets pushed off the bottom

Posted 2003 caving pix to Little Scott & Fence Post
Added Caving Book Resource List, Clean Stream Service Project (Sat morning, 10/11/03)
Updated Roster, and deleted old Open House page
New Calendar Data files available (9/8/03)
New activities 7/20 Rascals Game, 7/22 Adopt a Road Service project.  Custom Tee-Shirts available 
6/21/03 Posted Giant City climbing photos
Updated roster & front page to reflect new member, new phone #s, and Pine Ridge climbing outing, and Maps re:Pine Ridge.
Flyer for Open House (Drew's) June 5 at City Park Pavilion next to Mansfield Nursery on Mexico Road (Lance's Flyer)
Our own Chef Julie made the front page of the Sunday Post Business section, click here to read the article!
Adopt-A-Road date set - Sat 5/10/03 Meet @ Fritz's 11:45.  Permission form published for Mushroom cave (6/1/03).
Meeting canceled for 4/22/2003
City of St. Peters permission form req'd for Adopt-a-road project for those under 18.
4/6/03 Added Ropes course pix from 3/29 outing
4/1/03 Added link to our new Yahoo Groups site
3/18/03 Update Calendar info.  We now have a regular service project Jungerman Road every other month!
2/6/03 Published some miscellaneous pictures taken during 2002 (Climbing tower, shot gun shooting, caving @ Xmas)
1/24/03 Published pictures of the joint Crew/Troop caving outing of 1/18/03
12/22/02  Added new Caving Preparation document
12/19/02 New picture pages for Fun Rally-02 and the Caving outing of Nov-02; check 'em out.
Added cave maps - Little Scott & Lone Hill Onyx to the links page
10/16/02 Created this What's new page, and changed web theme
Some of the group attended the Council Fall Fun Rally during the weekend of Sep-21-02 - absolutely perfect weather, pictures coming soon!
We went shot-gun shooting in Alton, IL 7/24; thanks to Chuck LaChance for setting that up for us!
We went Climbing several times at Upper Limits recently, and had our regular Tuesday nite meeting (7/23) at the Beaumont Climbing Tower
Went to the S-F Ropes course last weekend of April - 2002, check the pix
March-02; 7 of us joined the other Boone Trails Venture Crew group for a joint caving outing to Illinois Caverns - great fun; we got muddy, and wet, saw bats, salamanders, and a frog!  Pictures here...
We went skiing at Hidden Valley on Jan-12-2002, no casualties this time!
Went to the Beaumont Climbing Tower Sunday April-7
Went Caving again on April-20
We went Rock Climbing & Rappelling at Giant City State park  in late October -2001, and stayed at the cabin in Pine Ridge (Southern Illinois).  Pix on the photo page.
We went caving at Little Scott Cave on 2/24/01, had a great time, got pretty dirty, came back to the cabin, took showers, and ate a delicious dinner.  Check some of the pictures out here...


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