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Caving Books
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The following books can all be found at the St. Charles County Public Library

Book Title Author


 Donald M. Silver

“Cave Passages: Roaming The Underground Wilderness”   

   Michael Ray Taylor

“Caves: Exploring Hidden Realms”   

  Michael Ray Taylor


P.K. Smart

“Caving Adventures”   

Anna M. Todd

“Caving: An Introductory Guide to Spelunking”   

Donald Jacobson

“Caving Basics: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginning Cavers”   

“Cave Exploring: Limestone Caves”   

Larry Dane Brimner

“Going Underground: All About Caves and Cavers”   

Anabel Dean

“Underground Worlds”   

Donald Dale Jackson

“Beyond the Deep: The Deadly Descent into The Worlds Most Dangerous Cave”

William C. Stone

“Caving: The Sierra Club Guide To Spelunking”   

Jane Larson

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