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Caving Jan-03
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Little Scott Cave

Pictures taken during the joint Troop 674/Venture Crew 2674 Caving Outing weekend of January 18 @ Camp Mihaska.  Younger Scouts explored Lone Hill Onyx cave & older boys explored Little Scott Cave.  Weather conditions were FRIGID, so the changing of clothes in the parking lot occurred at a VERY rapid pace.  Pictures provided by Lance Woolbright, and unfortunately we only have pictures from the group that went into Lone Hill Onyx cave.  We were lucky enough to have veteran caver Greg Small with us, he escorted the Little Scott group, and provided videos/slides of other caving spots.

card_game.jpg (59783 bytes)
Card game the night before
bekka_jason.jpg (68099 bytes)
Not sure what Bekka is doing...

lunch_break.jpg (89051 bytes)
Two groups met up, and ate lunch in the cave

muddy_group.jpg (86787 bytes)
They seemed to enjoy the mud
low_crawl.jpg (73455 bytes)
Very tight low crawl spot
LH_After.JPG (82297 bytes)
Back outside in the frigid air!
PHILLIP.JPG (112060 bytes)
Tired Scouts
LH_Group.JPG (85338 bytes)
Hurry up, we're freezing!