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Rally02 & Misc
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Rally02 & Misc
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Fall Fun Rally & Misc

Joe_bobbieJoe.jpg (69924 bytes)
Joe & Bobbie Joe hanging around at Upper Limits
climb_gym_dave.jpg (79567 bytes)
Dave on the wall @ Upper Limits
climb_gym_lance.jpg (65119 bytes)
Lance taking the belaying test @ Upper Limits
frisbee_golf.jpg (63908 bytes)
Dave, Drew, Lance Phillip & Bryan
Frisbee Golf @ Quail Ridge

Fall Fun Rally Beaumont September 2002

funn_rally.jpg (65175 bytes)
Jeanette & Corey ???
julie_lance.jpg (150502 bytes)
Lance & Julie
On their trusty
bekka_horse.jpg (124484 bytes)
Bekkah & Jeanette
On THEIR trusty steeds...
julie_hmmm.jpg (64670 bytes)
Julie either likes it....
or is about to hurl it....