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PR Jan04
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The Crew took a camping trip to Pine Ridge on a frigid day Jan 30-Feb 01. (and still got back in time for the Super Bowl!)  We stayed in the cabin there at the Scout Camp, not far from the lake.  It was nicely heated with a wood burning stove.

breakfast.jpg (70825 bytes)
Regina, Bekah, David, Drew, Chris, Luke, and Phil eating breakfast.
outside.jpg (54866 bytes)
Playing around on the ice.
grassylake.jpg (104684 bytes)
A view of Grassy Lake.
playingonice.jpg (59766 bytes)
Easily amused.
sliding.jpg (48744 bytes)
Joe sliding on the ice.
icepane.jpg (75856 bytes)
Bekah with an ice pane.
snowangel.jpg (71898 bytes)
Snow "ANGEL"
dishwashing.jpg (59279 bytes)
Bekah and David washing dishes.
grouppic.jpg (97164 bytes)
Phil, Chris, Chuck, Luke, Alan, David, Bekah, Drew, Bob, Regina
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