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Misc Pix 2004
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These are some miscellaneous pictures from some events late -03 & early 04 that we just never got around to publishing, until now!

Late fall-03 we hard our first annual Crew bonfire at S-F on the far side of Nims lake.  Stunningly beautiful weather, we canoed over, and spent most of Saturday building a HUGE bonfire, and most of Saturday night burning same bonfire.

Caving at Illinois caverns is a favorite activity, and we have the obligatory clean/dirty group photo.

Spring-04 we participated in a Ropes course outing at Beaumont with another crew from SLU.


canoeing.jpg (106372 bytes)
Canoeing across Nims lake
building_fire.jpg (181770 bytes)
Phil, Drew, Janet, Dave (Mr. Johnson lurking in shadow) erecting the bonfire

burning_fire.jpg (78605 bytes)
Bonfire "kicking" in

ill_caverns_clean.jpg (62019 bytes)
The traditional "before" photo
ill_caverns_dirty.jpg (92758 bytes)
After a day of caving...
lunch_ill_caverns.jpg (65303 bytes)
Lunch inside Illinois Caverns
inside_ill_caverns.jpg (85772 bytes)
Exploring one of the many small side passages
elsbeth_willow.jpg (71502 bytes)
The "Willow-in-the-wind" is Elsbeth
Ropes course @ Beaumont
making_cookies.jpg (71602 bytes)
Another ropes course event is making cookies