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These pictures were taken during the course of 2002 - just took a long time to get them developed! Most of the pix are from a climbing tower evening outing at Beaumont in July.  Also here is a picture from our shotgun shooting trip, and our caving outing right after Christmas.

corey_emily.jpg (25358 bytes)
Corey belaying a climber at the climbing tower, with Emily looking on
women_climb_tower.jpg (34163 bytes)
Debbie, Bekah, and guest

joe_julie.jpg (24844 bytes)
Joe tying Julie in, prior to climb

julie_tower.jpg (19079 bytes)
Up she goes!!
bekka_tower.jpg (14994 bytes)
Bekah almost at the top of the tower
shotgun_range.jpg (37869 bytes)
A group of us w/ younger guests went shot gun shooting at the Alton Trap & Skeet facility
xmas_cavers1.jpg (57071 bytes)
A small group of us went caving 2 days after Christmas (with about 8-10 inches of snow)
bry_little_scott.jpg (26704 bytes)
Bryan near a large column
big_column.jpg (27400 bytes)
ls_group_03.jpg (23242 bytes)
Christmas caving group
deer_in_headlites.jpg (28442 bytes)
Ever seen deer frozen in headlites?