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Beaumont Ropes Course

group1.jpg (110449 bytes)
Standard Group pic
pyramid.jpg (90180 bytes)
"The Pyramid"
Jeff on the Slackwire
Bryan stuck in the tire
Bryan stuck in the portal
Jessie & Laura Couples walk
Jess & Laura
Couples walk
Dave & Jeff Couples walk
Dave & Jeff
Couples walk
Spider web
Jessie goes through 
the spider web
Monkees on the tires
tires2.jpg (168201 bytes)
Tires part ii
Laura at Nitro crossing
Laura - Nitro Crossing
"Crew in a tube"
"Crew in a tube"
planning.jpg (70130 bytes)
Planning the attack
whichway.jpg (96587 bytes)
Questionable compass skills
wall.jpg (87775 bytes)
The Wall


br_floattrip.jpg (152599 bytes)
Float Trip Weekend

Jess & laura
Jello Wrestling Fun Rally weekend
yuk, that's gross
Jello, continued

horses.jpg (71488 bytes)
Jess & Laura riding horses

jello_wrestlers.jpg (49596 bytes)
Fellow jello wrestlers

jello_wrestlers2.jpg (42652 bytes)