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Equipment Check List of Minimal Caving Equipment Required   

     Helmet with adjustable chin strap.  Marked with name to avoid confusion. Primary light source attached to helmet. 

     Two (2) backup light sources.  Test all battery operated lights. New batteries in all lights source,  plus 2 complete sets of replacement batteries for each light source

     Day pack or Fannie Pack sufficient to carry all equipment, must be able to secure so that stuff wont fall out when crawling. 

     Cheap knee pads and gloves.  Mark name on each.  Muddy gloves are pretty much indistinguishable. 

     Adequate layers of clothing (clothing will get wet and probably mud stained) try to use wool, synthetics or synthetic blends for layers closest to body.  Try to avoid cotton; when wet, it draws body heat away:

     Heavy socks, and Long Johns or Polypropylene underclothing (tops & bottoms)

Shorts over long johns.

Old, loose fitting jeans over shorts, long sleeve sweatshirt (also old) over underclothing.

Coveralls (optional) over other clothing.

     Cheap boots for boys age 14 and over (Little Scott Cave); either cheap boots or old high-top tennis shoes for boys under 14 (Lone Hill Onyx Cave) 

     A complete change of clothes for after the caving, including clean gloves, coat, and clean shoes

     Two (2) large, heavy duty plastic bags.  Mark name on outside with masking tape.

     Water.  One or two quarts in rugged containers..  Definitely two quarts for sure for the boys 14 or over, who are going to Little Scott Cave.  

     Snack.  Some sort of high-energy bars, granola, etc.  

     Sleeping bag/pillow, towels, washrag, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. for cleaning up afterwards at the dormitory at camp Mihaska.

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